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Hotel Atlantida villas Santorini Oia
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The southernmost island of Cyclades Cluster is the island of Santorini or Thira, is one of the most well-known Greek Islands, Santorini is known for its unique beauty, making it one of the prime vacation destinations in Greece. Santorini is considered one of the most unique places in the world, with features such as the stunning colorful sands, the significant archaeological sites, the Caldera, the golden sunset, the beautiful traditional Oia village and the traditional Cycladic architecture. Santorini is known for its unique beauty, making this Greek island one of the prime destinations in Greece.
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Atlantida Villas Santorini hotel

Atlantida hotel
Welcome hotel Atlantida in oia Santorini: a unique place to stay, on the unique Oia..!
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Hotel Atlantida
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Hotel Oia Santorini Hotels Apartments, Rooms, Santorini Oia Hotel Apartments Suites for Rent in Santorini Greece.

Atlantida villas Santorini Hotel belongs to A' category of Oia hotels and operates from 1 April to 30 Octomber.

Hotel Atlantida villas with it's Traditional houses is placed at the edge of Oia cliffs, all the 19 fully equipped and tastefully designed traditional accommodations of Apartments, Studios, villas and hotel Suites include spacious terrace & balconies offer a stunning view of the enigmatic caldera and to the famous sunset of the Oia Santorini.

From both of the interior and exterior areas of the hotel Atlantida, offer a magnificent panoramic views of the well known Santorinian sunset. From your balcony, you will enjoy the entire volcanic setting in a most unique location, idea convenient place for to see the main attractions of Santorini island and of Oia settlement. From the traditional accommodation of the hotel Atlantida double rooms, suites and hotel apartments, visitors have a magnificent view of the Santorini Caldera area and a surrounding view at the cliffs of Oia (Ia), a vision that will stay etched in their mind forever.

The Atlantida Villas complex located in the village of Oia on the cliff side of Santorini island, each accommodation of the hotel complex Suites, Apartment and Studios has it's own balcony overlooking the volcano and the cliffs of Oia Santorini.

Oia Santorini:
Atlantida Villas - Santorini Oia

The picturesque village of Oia in Santorini is situated high on the reddish cliff (named as caldera), on the northern tip of Santorini Island. The village of Oia which is a traditional settlement renowned for its magical view of Caldera, volcano and the famous Oia sunset, attracting many visitors every year and is the most picturesque settlement on Santorini island.
We guarantee, from your balcony will have an magnificent Volcano view (Sea)! Otherwise your accommodation will be free of charge.!
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  • Above the Caldera
Hotel Atlantida villas in Oia Santorini
The Atlantida villas hotel in Oia Santorini is comprised of spacious apartments, studios and hotels suites. The Atlantida villas, offering a breathtaking view of the volcano that words cannot describe. Due to the Privilege location of the hotel in oia Santorini, one guest can enjoy the volcano and Santorini magnificent sunsets can be seen from both the interior and the exterior areas of the hotel complex, a vision that will stay etched in their mind forever. The best views of all Oia Santorini hotels.
Atlantida villas view 
							of the sunset from the hotel
This Santorini Hotel complex is known for its personal care of its hotel guests and attention to every detail at the area of the hotel complex. This unique combination of privilege location of the hotel on the cliffs of Oia (Ia) with spectacular view, excellent hotel services and the different types of hotel accommodation, renders Atlantida villa one of the finest Santorini hotels.

Atlantida Villas hotel in Oia Santorini include accommodation's as Apartments, Studios and hotels Suites:
Atlantida Villas Hotel in Oia Santorini offers various types of Apartments, Studios and Suites in Oia Santorini all the hotels accommodations are air-conditioned and have view in the extraordinary view to the Caldera cliffs. At Atlantida villas hotel in Oia, our aim is to satisfy all visitors, even the most demanding, with our excellent Santorini accommodation.
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